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Radon in your home

Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally in the ground.  It occurs when Uranium decays. Uranium is found in small quantities in soil and rocks. Decaying Uranium turns into radium and when radium in turn decays it turns into radon.  Uranium can also be found in building materials derived from rocks.


Radon rises through cracks and fissures in the ground and then gets into the air. Outdoors radon gets diluted and the risk it poses in negligible. Problems occur when it enters enclosed spaces, such as buildings, where concentration levels can build up. When this happens it can cause a significant health hazard to the occupants by increasing the chances of lung cancer.


Many houses built in the last ten to fifteen years will have a radon barrier installed in the ground floor slab. But the problem of radon concentration is a bigger problem for older houses.


It is possible to have your house tested but to gain accurate results the tests can take several months.


If you are worried about the presence of radon in your home feel free to contact us to dicuss the issue further.