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New Build Supervision

At ESQ we have over 20 years experience in supervising new builds and extensions from their inception right through to client hand over.


Once you have attained planning permission we are able to offer a number of building supervisory services. Its of the utmost importance that your build goes smoothly from start to finish.


At ESQ we have chartered engineers who will supervise your project to ensure that is built to the relevant buildin regulations, that it is built in good practice and that quality is maintained at all times. Once construction is complete some faults are very difficult if not impossible to correct. It is essential that everything is right first time.


We also can manage the stage payments on your behalf. This is to ensure the contractor does not try and front load your project, i.e get more money from you then there is work completed. You should only be paying out for the perecentage of work that is actually done.


We also have the latest software to allow us to do a detailed programme for your build, outlining the key dates to be achieved so that you can monitor progress and ensure the project is completed both on time and on budget.


Our qualified staff will issue a compliance cert where applicable.


We also offer an inspection service for your new house build or extension.


We use only Chartered Engineers for these inspections and we have full professional indemnity insurance to allow us to make sign offs.


Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements