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Certificate of compliance

A certificate of compliance is needed when an alteration or extension has been made to an existing property. The certificate of compliance will confirm that the works comply with the building and planning regulations.


Many properties currently for sale in Ireland which have had previous works carried out do not have certificates of compliance. It is essential if you are buying a property of this type that it has a certificate of compliance.


The onus is on the vendor to ensure house to ensure the property has the neccessary certificate of compliance and your legal advisor will be able to guide you on same.


Further examples of situations where a certificate should be sought are;

-attic conversions


-additions of sun rooms


-rear extensions


-any structural change or alteration

-block built or detached garages


-addition of a conservatory


- rear or side extensions


-removal of internal load bearing walls

For the vendor: We can inspect the property and issue a certificate of compliance which you can then furnish to any solicitor / buyer / surveyor / engineer who requests one during the sale  process.

If you are in need of a certificate of compliance please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements further. We can offer a fast turn around and competitive pricing.


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