Our company


Our success is based on putting our passion and energy into delivering great results for our team, our clients and the environment. We are constantly seeking to improve and develop involving the whole team in the process.


Our people are fundamental to what we do. That's how we maintain our competitive edge. We offer challenging and rewarding oppertunities for people to develop and grow within the organisation.


In every case we look for the skills, confidence and commitment needed to become part of a dynamic and progressive company.


We are seeking people with the ideas, opinions and knoweledge that will add value to the company as it continues to grow and move forward.


ESQ Consulting offers careers in the following areas:


*CAD Designers
*Passive energy consultants
*Safety consultants

If you would like to register your interest with ESQ Consulting feel free to contact us at the e-mail address below with a copy of your CV and current salary attached.