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Land Registry and Mapping Services

Here at ESQ Consulting Engineers we are able to provide many mapping services.


We haver chartered engineers specialising in land surveying.


We are able to use the latest technology to ensure all our work is carried out with the utmost precision.


We have the correct professional indemnity insurance to allow us to carry out this type of work.


We have large amounts of experience in conveyancing and are able to offer assitance to you and your legal team.


We are experts in adverse posession cases.

The most common requirements we find for mapping services is people who are selling their home and need to get "first registration". Older properties are are indicated on the "Registry of Deeds".  Currenty policy requires that all titles are moved from the old "Registry of Deeds" system to newer "Land Registry" system.


When a house is sold this issue will often be raised as part of the sales process. "First registration" is then required.


It is then required to convert the "registry of deeds" title to a "land registry" title.  At ESQ Consulting Engineers we will organise the land registry compliant map, then carry out a detailed site survey. After the survey we will then cross check the site dimensions versus area co-ordinates and then plot the findings. The map is then submitted by us to the Land Registry and the site/property will be shown on Land Registry sytem.  After we call to site it takes 3-4 working days to carry out the neccessary cross check and to plot our findings.


Feel free to contact us for further information.