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What is subsidence and how is it caused?


-Water leaks into the ground from a broken pipe or sewer and washes away the soil supporting the foundations


-Large trees in close proximety to the foundation of a house can cause unwanted movement in the soil around and under the house.


-Insufficient foundation design leading to unwanted structural movement


-Some soils are prone to shrinkage when the moisture content is lowered by drying out etc. Seasonal changes in the weather can be a significant factor in this instance

How can I tell if my house is subsiding?


-New or expanding cracks in plasterwork inside the property.


-New of expanding cracks visible in the plaster / brickwork on the outside of a house.


-Door and windows sticking or becoming difficult to operate for no apparent reason.


-Rippling or tears to wallpaper which is not caused by existing damp problems.


-Cracks to floor tiles

Some house insurance policies may cover you for subsidence. If you are concerned that your house is affected by subsidence then feel free to contact us to discuss your situation further.