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Pre purchase property survey

This survey is a throrough visual inspection of a property to determine its current condition.


We normally carry out the inspection prior to a client buying a property. It allows them to make an informed decision before making such a large purchase.


The inspection report is prepared on behalf of the client and it will assess the condition of the property and outline any building stucture defects, building regulation compliance issues and any maintenance work thats needs to be carried out. We also look at the building from the point of view of disabled access and fire issues, important for both the present and the future should you ever wish to sell the building again.


ESQ Consulting provide a thorough written report outlining the faults and advising on the likely costs of corrective action / remedial works. In addition our report will be sent to you in PDF format by e-mail.

* External building envelope condition

* Roof type/condition
* Attic inspected
* Visual assesment of the heating system

* Boundary Inspection

* Condition of site drainage
* Condition of the electrical system
* Inspection for rising damp

Here at ESQ Consulting we try to keep our rates competitive.


We carry out full pre purchase surveys that take 2-3 hours to complete. This includes the colour written report and the electronic PDF copy sent to you also. We cover all areas in both Munster and Leinster, please do not hesitate in contacting us.