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Coastal Erosion

There is strong evidence that in recent years the combination of increasing storm frequency and rising sea levels are leading to an increased level of erosion, wave damage and land incursion. There is in excess of 1600km of coastline at risk while nearly 500km are in immediate danger. The rate of erosion can vary from 0.3 metres to 1.5 metres per annum.


The areas most at risk are along the East coast of the Country. The soft coastline allows the rapid erosion of  the land, especially during times of storms, often in the winter months.

Over 170,000 Ha of coastal land is also vulnerable to sea level change. Some sources indicate a sea level rise of 300mm is possible by the year 2030 depending on factors such as global climate change.


If you believe your property may be affected by coastal erosion the first step is to get your individual situation assessed. Only then can all options be explored. Various methods are available to decrease the rate of coastal ersosion but their effectivness is highly dependant on the factors that dictate each individual situation.


If you are worried about coastal erosion feel free to contact us for advice.