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Snag lists...........

If you are buying a new home or apartment then it is higly advisable to get a snag list completed before contracts are finalised.

A snag list is a detailed list compiled by one of our qaulified engineers.

We go through every aspect of the property from the attic space right through to the gardens and grounds.

The inspection on site will take approximately 2 to 3 hours depending on the size of the property.

Within 3 days then we will issue the snag list to you in both PDF and hardcopy format.

Then the builder/contractor is given a period of time to go through the snag list and correct any faults that were highlighted.

For example in an average 3 bed semi-detached home we would expect to find between 100 to 250 individual snag items, ranging from scratches to windows, poorly finished painting and decorating, water tanks not insulated, insulation missing from ceilings and so on.

Getting all snags signed off before you move in ensures that the builder/contractor is fixing/repairing them and in turn you are directly saving on costs.

Un-insulated water tank
Faulty wiring in attic
Insulation missing in attic space

If you need a snag list done for your new home please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements futher.

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